Why waste your time and pay for costly mistakes that can be totally avoided by just working with my team and I. We can guide you through your search so you can avoid many pitfalls that home buyers go through.

Want to pay less for your dream home?

Here’s how you pay less for your next home while also saving on some major expenses accompanied with this process:

Sign up now and we will cover your inspection fees for the home you buy!!

I make sure that the asking price on the home you’re considering is legitimate and at true market value.

I prepare a detailed Comparable Market Analysis to show you how much similar models sold for in the past.

Act on your best behalf and negotiate the best price and terms for you.

Disclose material facts (floods, fire, infestations…) to you that could majorly affect your decisions regarding the home you’re considering buying.

Walking you through the entire buying process – guide you through inspections and closing procedures, recommending only the best professionals to assist you.

Gain access into any home you want to see in the city at your own convenient time. No need to call each and every listing agent anymore (who are there to protect their sellers best interests, not yours).

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